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Novita Furniture is on the move … Since we set up our workshop near Staples Corner 5 years ago, we’ve found that the space is too small to cater for the type of work we now get asked to do. It’s increasingly too cramped for making several pieces at any one time. So we’re delighted to be moving to two new premises. One will be dedicated to carpentry, where we will continue to make our beautiful bespoke items for our clients. It’s situated on a farm near St Albans so there’ll be plenty of space and time to create new designs as well as continue to make the popular items (coffee tables, dining chairs and tables, bed room furniture, sofas – and more). The address for this is:

Unit 1, Beech Farm

Coopers Green Lane

St Albans




The other is an upholstery unit as well as having space to display some of our furniture in a showroom. Address for this will follow shortly, once we’re ready to invite people to come and see us. In the meanwhile, we can still take orders for making our range of upholstered pieces from dining chairs and bar stools to sofas and headboards. This upholstery unit and showroom is situated in NW London.

The move to the farm is taking place over the coming week but we are still open for business so if you have any requirements for bespoke furniture for your upcoming projects, please get in touch so we can provide you with our competitive quotes.

Contact Isaac on 07837 709276 or Helen on 020 3532 0704

Or email us at

New Collection of Novita Furniture Design

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We’re always listening to our clients and most recently there seems to be a requirement for beautifully crafted yet inexpensive seating, in particular where space is at a premium. For this reason, we’ve designed a new dining or kitchen stool which is perfect for a show house or if you don’t have enough seating for your unexpected (or even planned) guests.

Made from finest quality beech, with a comfortable padded, upholstered seat, this lovely stool is great value. It’s handmade and upholstered by artisans in our London workshop.

Price for one is £80 and for two £150. These prices even include fabric from our collection!


And as well as the dining stool, our clients told us that they love our designs but would appreciate something that suits all budgets, in particular when trying to fit out a show home. So we created this lovely dining chair which is made from the finest quality beech. There will be a square bronze support to stabilise the legs (not pictured) and with a slightly curved back and foam filled seating, the chair is so comfortable that you won’t mind spending many a happy hour chatting to your dinner guests or just chilling at your kitchen table with friends and family.

This newly designed dining chair is also handmade and upholstered by artisans in our London workshop and can be upholstered in a fabric of your choice.












The chair is available with or without the window and comes in two heights – either 85cm or 105cm. Each chair requires 1m fabric (not included)

Prices start at £125 per chair – with a minimum order of 2

Get in touch if you would like to find out more, by calling Helen on 020 3532 0704 or Isaac on 07837 709276. Alternatively, drop us a line at We’d love to hear from you!


Step by step guide- How to buy bespoke furniture

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You’ve recently moved house or you’re ready to upgrade your existing furniture at home.

It’s time to start looking for that special piece – sofa, armchair, coffee table, dining table and chairs, bed and headboard etc. – that will just finish off the living/dining/bed room.

You really don’t want to buy something off-the-shelf on this occasion – it’s time to treat yourself to an bespoke item made especially for you.

You have two options when buying a bespoke piece of furniture.

  1. Have an image in mind and look online for a bespoke furniture maker who you feel confident could make exactly what you’re after
  2. Contact the bespoke furniture maker and ask them to design something especially for you.

But where do you begin the search for this right person?

You enter “bespoke furniture” into your search engine and you’re overwhelmed with the choices available. So how do you go about finding the right person to make your special piece?

  1. Consider your budget. Having things made especially for you is a luxury and isn’t a cheap option. Remember you’re paying not just for the finished item, but for the expertise and creativity of an artisan
  2. Before you do anything, consider what’s important to you about this piece – is it purely functional/aesthetic etc.? How important is it that the materials used are ethically sourced? If it’s a table or desk, is it imperative that you have it made from a particular wood? Would you want to choose your own fabric if it’s for a sofa or chair or would you be happy to be guided by the expert?
  3. Once you have a degree of clarity in your mind, carry out an internet search. Be specific about location so if you live in Manchester for example, type “bespoke furniture maker Manchester” into the search engine
  4. Narrow it down further by identifying the actual item you’re looking for so type in “bespoke coffee table maker Manchester”
  5. Go down the list of businesses – both from Google Ads and from organic listings – and look at each one to see if you feel confident they can make what you’re after. Check out websites and in particular look for testimonials and whether they specialise in bespoke furniture
  6. Contact all those who look capable of making your bespoke item and ask questions such as:
  1. Do you make each item yourself in your workshop, or do you subcontract to a third party, possibly outside of the UK?
  2. (if you know more or less what you want) Are you able to make this (sofa/dining table/bed/writing desk etc.); will you make a 3D drawing; would I be able to make changes to the drawing before you start production?
  3. (if you’re not sure of a specific design but you know what sort of piece you want) Can you design something for me, if I give you dimensions of the space where it will be situated
  4. You may want to know what would be an approx. cost and lead time, but the designer might find this difficult to answer at this stage. It does no harm in asking though.
  5. Is there somewhere that I can visit to see what you’ve made, or are working on? Or can you send me images of similar types of furniture you’ve made?

As with any other purchase, it’s probably a good idea to speak to 2 or 3 artisans and get a feel for who they are and whether they understand precisely what it is you’re looking for. You will know quite quickly if they are the right match for you. Once you’re very confident in one of them, you can then start the process ….

If you would like us to design and make something specific for you, we would be delighted to work with you to find the perfect piece to match your home, space and budget.

Contact us at or call us on 07967 333430.

From May, we will have a showroom in NW London where we will be delighted to meet you to discuss your furniture requirements.

What would be your choice of Timber for a dining table?

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In a recent Houzz poll, people were invited to vote on the following:

There are many timbers to choose from these days – exotic woods, hard/soft, deep grained or smooth – when looking for furniture for yourself or your client/s. So when making that decision, what would be your timber of choice for a dining table?

The most popular timber by far was oak at 50%, with the next most popular being walnut at 22% and ash at 14%. Interestingly neither beech nor maple had any votes.


Comments suggested that what was most important was the setting of the piece of furniture and what surrounds the table, as each timber has its own distinctive character, colour and attributes. So context was key. Also sustainable and ethically sourced timber was something that was aspired to.

The results of the poll reflects our own experience in that almost all enquiries for making dining tables are for oak or walnut.

If you’d like to find out more about how we source and buy our timber, or if you’d like us to quote for you to make a dining table or other piece of furniture, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact us at or call us on 020 3532 0704 or 07837 709276.

Visit our website

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