Analysis – How do you choose your furniture supplier?

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Research was carried out via Houzz by Novita Furniture Design during July – September 2017. Individuals had the opportunity to vote for (only) 1 of 10 choices, being the one that most represented how they choose their furniture supplier/s.

Qualitative analysis found that people like to do their own research, either by internet browsing or visiting stores/outlets. When browsing online, individuals visit specific websites and look for the pieces required as well as seeking credibility in the supplier – testimonials, past clients, past projects.

By visiting stores and outlets, individuals like to experience the furniture – sitting on sofas and chairs or touching tables – and just being able to see the items, in particular if they are spending a considerable amount for an item and if it’s going to be seen by many visitors in their (client’s) home.

There was a consensus that recommendation and personal contact were as important as was being able to meet the designer/maker, to feel confident in their capabilities and to understand the manufacturing process undertaken.

Novita furniture design
Novita furniture design

Quantative analysis can be seen in the pie chart above. Statistics show that 64% choose their suppliers if they have prior knowledge or experience i.e. either they have worked with them before, or have seen their work or have been recommended. But a significant number of people – 32% – were happy to source their furniture through an internet search or via Social Media.

Of interest: twice as many voted that recommendation/referral were more important than having worked with the supplier previously. None that responded to the poll had a particular interest in buying from a reputable brand – recommendation, the supplier’s reputation and having worked with them previously were far more important.

It is also worth noting that in general, it was deemed more important with Interior Designers and other professionals to have had some connection with the furniture supplier in the past – either worked with them, seen their pieces or have been recommended. Internet and social media searches were carried out far more amongst the general public.

If you would like to find out more about the research or to talk to us about our furniture, please contact or call us on 020 3532 0704 or 07837 709276.

Novita Furniture Design specialises in beautiful handmade bespoke items of furniture, all made in London by artisans.


Dining Table in London – The stages

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One of our clients was refurbishing a beautiful property and amongst other things asked us to make a dining table in this London apartment.

The client was after a simple but elegant design for the dining table, to match the other furniture that we were making for them. Once the design was agreed and drawings were made, we started the process in our London workshop by making the legs out of special plywood which were painted white to give it a clean and contemporary feel.

Next came the table top which was also made from timber which we painted white with a satin finish.

As with all our furniture, we wanted to make the dining table as simple as possible to assemble. The legs were easy to attach to the table top using special brackets to keep it stable.

At 2m by 1m, this dining table seats 8 people comfortably so is perfect for that special occasion when you wish to entertain family and friends.

The design of this table lends itself to be made with different timbers such as oak, beech or walnut all of which would look just as stylish in a modern dining room or any contemporary setting. By using the same proportions, it’s also possible to make it smaller or larger, depending on the space that’s available in the home.

We have since made this dining table for other clients and all are delighted with the end result. We think it compares well with many other designs of dining tables in the UK!

3D image of the dining table we have been asked to make for a client 

Dining table

We started with the legs 

Dining table

Next was the table top 

Dining table

Here is a close up of one of the legs and how its attached to the table top

Dining table

Here is the finished article 

Dining table

This is how it looks in its new home!

Dining table


Thank you to Roland Hartmann Designs for the opportunity!




Bedside table- Bringing it to life

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“We need two luxury bedside tables to fit our client’s luxury bedroom”.

This was the simple brief I was given by one of our clients. They wanted a combination of materials and it had to be elegant yet simple.

Looking at the design of the bedroom in which the tables would go, I chose brass for the frame and an oak drawer.

Brass frame for bedside table

bedside table

Sample of oak for drawer

bedside table

Sample of glass for table top 

bedside table

Detail of the frame

bedside table

At first, I wasn’t sure whether the top should be timber, to match the drawer, or glass to complement it. In the end, I chose the latter – to give it that elegant yet simple finish and the perfect combination of materials that we were after.


bedside table


We were delighted with the end result – as was our client and his client!

We would be very happy to design a bedside table for you, or any other piece of free-standing furniture. Or you may like to have a pair of these tables – please enquire.

Contact Isaac on +44 (0) 7837 709276 or email

The Spenser desk and how it came about …

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When I first arrived in London, after living and working in the south of France, I was asked to design and make an elegant writing desk for a writer friend of mine, who wanted to feel inspired whenever he sat down to create his novel.

I decided that simplicity was the most important element, so as not to distract him with gizmos and gadgets. The design I chose, and which delighted him, has become one of my signature designs ever since.

The legs are slim and narrow, and with a special cutting detail of how the timber table top is attached to the legs. The soft closing drawer completes the simple design of the desk.


Not only was my friend delighted with his new acquisition, he thoroughly enjoyed showing it off to everyone who visited him – and as a result, I had several new commissions!












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