30 Years of Design Experience

Isaac Sellam

Designer Isaac Sellam has been refining his distinctive style for over 30 years and has designed for London’s top establishments and Interior Designers including Ben Whistler, 1508 London, Mia Karlsson Interior Design, Scott Brownrigg and Base Interiors. His products have a slim and elegant line, achieving a quality of strong presence and lightness rarely found in one design. Having specialised in the study of furniture design and manufacture in Tel Aviv and Nice, Isaac sees the creation of each piece as a work of art. He is a true craftsman and is only satisfied when he has the perfect piece to suit each client.

In his own words

“I am passionate about what I do, and have such a love of my craft, that each time a client appreciates and acknowledges the work that I’ve put into their new pieces, I am delighted. I have close relationships with many clients and am often their first port of call. The real skill is in being able to shape the furniture design ideas with my ability to think and design dimensionally and for manufacture.”