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Analysis – How do you choose your furniture supplier?

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Research was carried out via Houzz by Novita Furniture Design during July – September 2017. Individuals had the opportunity to vote for (only) 1 of 10 choices, being the one that most represented how they choose their furniture supplier/s.

Qualitative analysis found that people like to do their own research, either by internet browsing or visiting stores/outlets. When browsing online, individuals visit specific websites and look for the pieces required as well as seeking credibility in the supplier – testimonials, past clients, past projects.

By visiting stores and outlets, individuals like to experience the furniture – sitting on sofas and chairs or touching tables – and just being able to see the items, in particular if they are spending a considerable amount for an item and if it’s going to be seen by many visitors in their (client’s) home.

There was a consensus that recommendation and personal contact were as important as was being able to meet the designer/maker, to feel confident in their capabilities and to understand the manufacturing process undertaken.

Novita furniture design
Novita furniture design

Quantative analysis can be seen in the pie chart above. Statistics show that 64% choose their suppliers if they have prior knowledge or experience i.e. either they have worked with them before, or have seen their work or have been recommended. But a significant number of people – 32% – were happy to source their furniture through an internet search or via Social Media.

Of interest: twice as many voted that recommendation/referral were more important than having worked with the supplier previously. None that responded to the poll had a particular interest in buying from a reputable brand – recommendation, the supplier’s reputation and having worked with them previously were far more important.

It is also worth noting that in general, it was deemed more important with Interior Designers and other professionals to have had some connection with the furniture supplier in the past – either worked with them, seen their pieces or have been recommended. Internet and social media searches were carried out far more amongst the general public.

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