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Skills needed for making artisan furniture!

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Making Artisan Furniture requires a sharp eye to select the highest quality timber – you need to discover the best timber suppliers in your area and be prepared to spend time to find exactly the right wood for the piece/s … Read More

Its all about the Console table!

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I was asked by several clients to make a stylish console table so set about designing one that had a simple but elegant design. Its simplicity belies its complex design. In fact, the attention to detail is even more important … Read More

What is Contemporary Design ?

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I’m often asked about different types of design so I thought I’d give a brief description about the styles and designs that I get asked about most. These days, almost all our commissions are for contemporary furniture. But what is … Read More

Novita Furniture Design – Our first video

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We just released our first video, presenting Novita Furniture Design. We design and make beautiful, hand-made contemporary bespoke furniture. From affordable upholstered seating, to elegant writing desks and coffee tables, our range of sophisticated and compelling products leaves our London … Read More

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Helen Lewis in London, Greater London, UK on Houzz