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Its all about the Console table!

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I was asked by several clients to make a stylish console table so set about designing one that had a simple but elegant design.

Its simplicity belies its complex design. In fact, the attention to detail is even more important because there’s nowhere to hide.

The art of making this piece is in the cutting of the timber which must be precise and clean. Of course, the quality of the timber itself is of the utmost importance and I always make sure that I source the finest ebony Macassar. I wanted to use this wood because of its uniqueness and special exotic quality, making it an item of luxury that would enhance my clients’ homes and be the envy of their visitors!

Having sourced the wood, I set about making sure that each piece of the timber is the same colour throughout the manufacture of each console table.

As it’s designed to be a luxury item of furniture, it is imperative to get the alignment of the legs to the table top perfect and to make sure the cutting of the edges is similarly flawless. I use a special bevel to get the correct shape for the legs – they aren’t straight as they might seem on first sight. The table is finished with a special lacquer to protect it from scratches and stains.

All this takes time and patience – this is something I’ve learned and honed over the years of making my furniture. When I tell people that the table is “lovingly handmade”, this is the complete truth. Without the love and care that a true craftsman or woman puts into making each piece, it will never be quite perfect.