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Bespoke furniture – satisfies our appetite for creativity

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We make a lot of furniture for our clients and in fact have several pieces now in our showroom that are in our standard collection. All our furniture is hand-made, whether bespoke or pre-designed. But we really love making bespoke items for our clients in London and elsewhere.

What is it that we particularly enjoy about making bespoke furniture? The main thing is to have a concept or idea and then see it make shape and come to fruition in the form of a beautiful, hand-crafted sofa, chair, sideboard ….

Console desk, bespoke furniture

The satisfaction derived is enormous. Like a piece of art, watching the creation that starts with raw materials – in the case of furniture, with timber – and seeing it take shape into the piece that we had imagined in our mind’s eye, is sometimes just short of a miracle!

When we work with our clients, either interior designers or private individuals, we are sometimes given carte blanche to make a beautiful, hand-made bespoke item. All that they ask is that it fits the space available and matches the existing spirit of design in the room.

On other occasions, the client has a definite idea in their mind as to what they want or need and we will work together to modify a design and end up with a bespoke item that is lovingly made and lovingly appreciated.

Whatever the process, we ensure each bespoke piece of furniture is tailored perfectly to you/your client and your home. We work very hard to reach this result and with experience, skill and dedication from all at the Novita team, we pride ourselves in achieving the finest quality for our clients.

We encourage our clients to discuss their requirements with us so we know exactly what they want the final bespoke item of furniture to look like and what its purpose will be. So please contact us the next time you want to be inspired by Isaac and the team here at Novita Furniture in London.

Call Isaac on 07837 709276 or Helen on 020 3532 0704 – or send us an email to info@novitafurnituredesign.co.uk. We’d love to work with you to make that very special hand-made bespoke piece.