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Skills needed for making artisan furniture!

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Making Artisan Furniture requires a sharp eye to select the highest quality timber – you need to discover the best timber suppliers in your area and be prepared to spend time to find exactly the right wood for the piece/s you’re going to make. Never compromise!

You must be emotionally attached to each piece you are going to make. Without this attachment, you won’t give it your best but with it, you will be able to make a beautiful piece of furniture that will be cherished for ever

To make the best crafted furniture, you need to be a perfectionist and have an eye for detail. You will never be satisfied until and unless you know it’s the best

Patience is needed at all stages but never more so than when making preparations for finishing each item – ensuring there are no unwanted stains or blemishes – and giving due consideration to ensure the item is perfect

If you haven’t designed the piece of furniture yourself, you must still be creative enough to imagine how it will look when finished and have the technical skills to follow the drawing/s