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What would be your choice of Timber for a dining table?

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In a recent Houzz poll, people were invited to vote on the following:

There are many timbers to choose from these days – exotic woods, hard/soft, deep grained or smooth – when looking for furniture for yourself or your client/s. So when making that decision, what would be your timber of choice for a dining table?

The most popular timber by far was oak at 50%, with the next most popular being walnut at 22% and ash at 14%. Interestingly neither beech nor maple had any votes.


Comments suggested that what was most important was the setting of the piece of furniture and what surrounds the table, as each timber has its own distinctive character, colour and attributes. So context was key. Also sustainable and ethically sourced timber was something that was aspired to.

The results of the poll reflects our own experience in that almost all enquiries for making dining tables are for oak or walnut.

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