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What is Contemporary Design ?

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I’m often asked about different types of design so I thought I’d give a brief description about the styles and designs that I get asked about most. These days, almost all our commissions are for contemporary furniture. But what is it and what defines it from say modern furniture? Dictionary definition of CONTEMPORARY is: belonging to or occurring in the present. Dictionary definition of Design is: the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object. Put together, Contemporary design of furniture means that it is ever changing, it’s of the moment and is a living, breathing entity. Compare this to Modern design which refers to a period of time, which doesn’t change, it is a defined style, and will remain such for ever.

What then constitutes current contemporary design? Each item of furniture has a clean line, is slim and uses a combination of materials – put together to add beauty to whatever space they are used for. Take this floor lamp for example:


Contemporary design
Contemporary design


Each block is made from solid beech and is screwed together with special hardware. The wood itself is ecologically and sustainably sourced – very important to today’s discerning customer. The filament lightbulb is similarly eco-friendly. Many homes have a combination of styles and when well-thought out, contemporary pieces of furniture sit well with more traditional items.